It is the most durable of all weaves. Creates a diagonal effect. The design is improvised with colored yarn which can be strong to develop a shine. 
Twill is specialized  by creating  diagonal ridges through the yarns, which are exposed on the surface. 
It is characterized by diagonal angles running at angles varying from 15 degrees to &5 degrees.
In this weave the filling yarn is interlaced with the warps in such a way so that it creates raised diagonal ridges.
Twill weaves are tightly woven, and are hence the heavier and stronger than others. 
They can also be produced in fancy designs and variations.
In comparision to the plain weaves, heavier fabrics are developed under twill weaves.

Method of construction:

Over two, under two but staggering beginning threads to form a diagonal line


Three or more shafts; warp or filling floats over two or more counterpart yarns in progressive steps right or left.



Upholstery, comforters, pillows.apparel,etc.

Types of Fabrics:


Denim is a rugged cotton twill textile, in which the weft passes under two or more warp fibers.This produces the familiar diagonal ribbing identifiable on the reverse of the fabric.
It is a twill-weave woven fabric that uses different colors for the warp and weft. One color is predominant on the fabric surface. Because of this twill weave, it means the fabric is very strong.
A Strong Warp Face Cotton Cloth used for overall, Jeans skirts etc. Largely made in 3/1 twill weave. Generally warp yarn is dyed brown or blue and crossed with white weft.


Gabardine is a tightly woven warp-faced twill weave fabric. Warp-faced fabrics have more warp or lengthwise yarns on the surface of the fabric than filling or crosswise yarns. Twill weave fabrics show a diagonal wale, or raised line, on their surface. The fine wale is closely spaced, slightly raised, distinct, and obvious only on the fabric's face.

 The angle in gabardine is 45 or 63 degrees. Gabardine always has many more warp than filling yarns, often twice as many warp yarns as filling yarns.
A Warp Face cloth mostly woven 2/2 twill, 27/2 tex warp, 20/2 tex cotton weft. Here cotton weft is yarn dyed but the wool warp may be dyed in piece.