Dope Dyed

Dope Dyed

Dope Dyeing is the process of injecting colours/pigment at the stage of the dope when the cellulosic material is in semi liquid stage.

Colour is infused into the core of the fibre of dope dyed yarns.

From this dope dyed fibre is made which is later spin to make yarn. Fabric is made by weaving of these yarns.

As the fibre is already dyed at the dope stage, it eliminates the dyeing process which is hazardous to the climate hence makes this dope dyed fibre environment friendly.

a) 40% Reduction in effluent discharge.

b) 55% Reduction in power consumption.

c) 20% Reduction in greenhouse gas emission.

d) 55% Reduction in steam consumption can be achieved due to dope dyeing.

In conventional dyeing the colour pigment remains at the surface of the yarn where as in dope dyeing colour is up to the core of fibre, hence resulting in better colour fastness.

Dope dyed yarn are fully uniform in colour and do not vary from lot to lot.

After multiple washing it remains as new with smooth feel.