Feel Fresh

Feel Fresh

Why Feel Fresh ?

• Physical activity is omnipresent in today’s life

• Sweat is a natural by-product of any physical activity

• Bacteria react with sweat to release bad odour, that cause clothes to smell

• We need “smarter” apparel that remain fresh and odour-free for extended periods


What is Feel Fresh ?

·      Modified Polyester with inherent antimicrobial properties for continued action

·      Value addition to existing product range

·      Backed by polyester leader Reliance


Feel Fresh: How does it work ?

1.     Embedded Silver in Feel Fresh fiber /yarn releases +ve ions

2.     +ve ions attach to and break bacteria cell bodies

3.     Thus, inhibiting bacterial growth and preventing malodors


Proven Performance:

·      Meets requirement of JISL 1902 – proven antimicrobial

·      Efficacy against common bacteria like Staphylococcus Aureus (gram –ve) and E Coli (gram +ve)

·      High wash durable unlike topical anti-microbe treatments

·      Oekotex 100 Certified: No leaching effect to skin; safe even in baby products

·      No Toxic effect during processing


Key benefits of Feel Fresh Textiles:

1.     Permanent Anti-microbial, Anti-odor properties, providing improved sense of freshness

2.     Protection against discoloration and degradation of fabrics

3.     Improved general cleanliness

4.     Anti-microbial properties permanent, irrespective of repeated washing, laundering and ironing

5.     Helps avoid secondary infection

6.     Inherent technology always have edge over topically treated anti-microbial chemicals . (Anti-Microbial efficacy on topically treated products last for certain washes only)

7.     Properties retained when blending up to 40-50% with other fibres.


Feel Fresh product Offerings:


Wide variety of forms to suit your applications

Staple Fiber:

·      Fibre for short staple spinning system: 1.2, 1.4 Denier.

·      Tow for worsted spinning system: 2.0 Denier.

·      Dope dyed antimicrobial for Uniform and other applications.

·      Cut length: 38, 44, 51 etc.


Filament Denier :

Textured : 80D/48F SD , 100D/72F SD , 150D/ 48F,144F SD & 300D/96F, 144F in SD , Bright TL luster - 1 or 2 Ply 230D Sapan, 170D Salsa.

 FDY : Possible in 75D – 100D Bright luster.


Increased Eco-benefits:

·      Washing and drying account for 2/3rd of ecological product footprint.

·      Since the garment is odour-free for a longer time, it reduces the need for multiple washing.

·      Saves water, energy, time and effort for washing and drying cycles.