Green Gold

Green Gold

Recron® Polyster

·      World’s largest polyester producer built through conversation with customer

·      One stop solution shop for the textile industry

·      Contacts in the industry across segments, across regions

·      Hassle-free supply through vertical & backward integration

·      Trust of the Recron® brand & backed by strong & quick customer service ethos


Recron® Green Gold

·      Our range of Eco-sensitive fibre solutions for the fashion industry

·      One of the lowest carbon footprints globally among all fibres

·      ~25% carbon footprint reduction over last year; targeting carbon neutrality

·      Highly versatile: multiple functionalities (colour, UV protection etc.) can be imparted

·      Can be used on its own as well as blended with other fibres like cotton, viscose, wool etc.

·      No compromise on fibre quality or properties



Eco- sensitive Fibres:

Achieved through unique combination of manufacturing processes, feedstock and ancillary practices.


Green production process:-

·      Renewable energy instead of fossil fuels

·      State-of-the-art manufacturing processes

·      Zero waste concept; all water re-used in horticulture


Sustainable feedstock:-

·      Circular economy: Post-consumer waste (PET bottles)

·      Modern in-house washline for efficient flakes conversion


Other ecofriendly practices:-

·      56% of site is open green space; unique coexistence of nature along with manufacturing

·      Large social footprint: education, welfare and medical aid to local villages


Eco Dyed Polyster

·      India’s best dope dyed Polyester staple fiber for high end use

·      Unmatched color intensity, shade consistency, highest color fastness

·      REACH & Oekotex 100 Product Class 1 compliant

·      More than 45 colors – Black, Blue, Green, Olive, Red, Yellow etc. – or any customized color

·      Shapes (Cross section): Circular & Trilobal

·      Multiple functionalities: Anti-microbial, Fire Retardant, UV Resistant


EcoD vs the rest


·      Lowest carbon footprint when compared to dyed cotton and virgin polyester

·      Negligible water requirement against massive water requirements for cotton

·      Drastically reduces the toxicity caused by pesticide and fertilizers required by natural fibres.


Eco-benefits of Green Gold EcoD

On replacing 33% cotton in one pair of jeans with Recron® GreenGold EcoD.


Product range

Recron® GreenGold/EcoD comes in wide variety of forms to suit your application

·      Form: Staple Fibre, Tow

·      X-section: Circular, Trilobal

·      Denier: 1.2 – 3.0

·      Cutlength: 32, 38, 40, 44, 51 mm