Sweat: Major Concern

·      Physical activity is omnipresent in today’s life

·      Sweat is a natural by-product of any physical activity

·      While sweat regulates the body temperature, accumulation in between fabric and skin causes irritation and bacterial growth

·      This in turn caused bad odour and discomfort

·      We need “smarter” apparel that remain fresh and odour-free for extended periods.


Dealing with Sweat:

When sweat meets fabric, 3 things can happen

• Sweat gets repelled: eg.: With commodity polyester

– Causes high level of discomfort

– Least optimal scenario


• Sweat gets absorbed: eg.: With cotton, viscose

– Causes clothes to become heavy


• Sweat gets transported: eg.: With functional polyester

– Faster evaporation leading to cool, dry and fresh feeling


Fabrics Absorption vs Wicking:





Fibers absorb and capture sweat

Fibers transport the sweat to the outer fabric surface


Sweat is absorbed into micropores inside fiber

Special profile enables sweat to spread over a larger area for faster evaporation

Body Feel

Keeps the body damp longer

Dries and cools the body faster

Perfect for

Perfect for applications where being cool and fresh are not a priority

Perfect for wearing as a single layer during physical activities.

Fabric feel

Apparel can feel heavy or clingy

Apparel feels dry, fresh and comfortable

Examples of fabric

Cotton, viscose

Performance Polyester


What is Kooltex ?

Specially Engineered Polyesters to

·      Improve "breathability" compared to natural fibers like cotton.

·      Ensure permanent comfort through wick-away action

·      Draw moisture away from the skin through capillary action

·      Increase evaporation over a wider surface area.

·      Have permanent moisture management function; efficacy lasts throughout of garment life

·      Lend Softer Feel

·      Excellent results in various applications, especially denim



·      Help move moisture away from body through quick capillary actions

·      Spread to larger area on fabrics enables moisture to evaporates quickly and dry fast.

·      Ensures performance and desired comfort through use of specially engineered polyester with defined micro channels

·      Easy moisture transport

·      Softer hand touch


Unique Manufacturing Process:

3 major manufacturing activities to create and maintain special functionality

·      Special hardware: Imparts special profile to the polyester

·      Unique cooling process: Ensures uniform profile is maintained through the complete manufacturing process.

·      Untouched by hand: Automatic Package Handling System that enables no-touch manufacturing till dispatch.


Product Range:




Performance Wear

75D/90F R|Elan Kooltex Tex LIM

2/75D/90F R|Elan Kooltex CM LIM

160/162 R|Elan Kooltex Space

160/162 R|Elan Kooltex Piano



75D/90F R|Elan Kooltex Tex IM


Work wear

70D/90F R|Elan Kooltex

2/75D/90F R|Elan Kooltex

with and without Spandex

Bottom Weight

170D/181F DLG R|Elan Kooltex

With Spandex

Jeans Wear

170D/181F DLG R|Elan Kooltex

360D/271F DLG R|Elan Kooltex

with and without Spandex