How To Order | Woven And Knit

How To Order

Though we have tried our best to make WK as simple as possible. However a few guidelines would make your buying experience even more smoother.

Below are the steps that are required to be followed to do any purchase on WK. 

A) You need to identify what your requirement is and based on that you need to choose between “Woven Fabric” or “Knit Fabric”.

B) Once you click on either of them you would lead to the next page wherein you would have to select out of many options of Cotton, Viscose, Nylon, Polyester etc.

C) Once you have chosen the fiber in which you require your fabric to be in, you get multiple options of fabric available in that fiber.

D) Select your particular requirement from the Fabric quality ( e.g. Greige, Dobby & Jacquard, Embroidered, Print, Yarn Dyed or Dyed) / Design Type / Structure / Colour (of your choice) / price filters located at the left side of the page. You can also type your particular requirement in the search box at the top of the page e.g. (Voile)
E) Once you have identified the particular fabric that you would like to buy just click on the same and it will lead you to the product page.

F) The product page would mention all the details about the fabric and the quantity available.

G) All you have to do now is to put in the quantity that you require and click “Add to Cart”

H) Once the fabric is added to cart you can make further changes like addition or subtraction in qty or even delete the product altogether within the cart if you wish to.

I) The cart will mention the different fabrics you have added to cart and their respective quantities along with the logistics charges. It shall also mention the total amount that you need to pay.

J) You now have to click on “Check Availability” and we shall confirm the availability of the fabric within 6-8 working hours of receiving your request.

K) Once we confirm the availability of your fabric by mail and by SMS. You can then visit the cart and pay the desired amount and your order shall get dispatched within 2 working days.


A) The price mentioned on the woven fabric is the bulk (100 meters and above) and knit fabric is (25 kgs and above) price. However if you would like to purchase any quantity below 100 meters for woven or 25 kgs for knit, the price would increase. It would reach 3 times the bulk price for 1 meter of fabric in case of woven and 1.5 times in case of knit fabrics for 1 kg.

Woven Fabric :100 meters and above (Base Price) – 1 meter (3 times of Base Price)
Knit Fabric : 25 Kgs and above (Base Price) – 1 Kgs (1.5 times of Base Price) 

We have applied Geometric Progression Formula to calculate prices of sampling yardages (below 100 meters for woven / 25 kgs for knits). This formula gives you additional discount for every addition to your ordered quantity.

However if you wish to buy any quantity between 70 and 100 meters of woven fabric we would suggest you buy 100 meters instead as it would give you the best possible price. It is because the calculated price of 70 meters or above is approximately the same as 100 meters in bulk prices 
B) There is a “Self Pickup” feature in the cart. This feature allows you to get your order picked up from our warehouse. This would not only save you logistics cost but would also ensure quick availability.
C) We mention shipping charges till 20 kgs of weight as to courier above 20 kgs would be very expensive. Packages above 20 kgs would be dispatched thru transport and actual charges would apply based on weight of the order and the destination.