Why W & K

It is so fulfilling in supplying our buyers with good quality, viably priced fabrics and getting the best price for their excess fabrics to our sellers.

We sell all type of fabrics Cotton, Vicose, Excel, Polyester, Silk, Nylon, Linen, Woolen, Blend etc. These fabrics are available in Greige, Dyed, Printed, Dobbies and Jacquard. We have fabrics from the lowest price points for bulk requirement to high end fabrics for designer wear.

We have solutions for all our associates in the field of Textiles. Whether you have excess fabrics in stock that you would like to sell or you have an urgent need of sampling fabrics or readily available fabrics in bulk we got it all covered. We also welcome professionals in the field of Textiles or Garment Manufacturing to associate with us thru our various programs like "Work with Us" or "Refer a Friend" or "Sell With Us"

Our association with Fabric Mills and Process Houses across India gives us advantage of better prices, faster deliveries and customisation / sampling of fabrics also becomes easier.

Benefits to Exporters / Buyers

  • Merchants / Fabric Managers can find their buyer’s exact requirement of fabric with just a few clicks.
  • No need to travel to Fabric Sampling markets in search of sample swatches.
  • Save Time, Effort and Money by finding the fabrics faster.
  • Request sample swatches and confirm quality before purchasing.

Benefits to Sellers

  • Monetise your excess fabric.
  • Reach 100's of buyers without any effort.
  • We will do all communication with buyers on our own.
  • Get best prices for your stock fabrics and get paid before the fabrics leave your premises.

Benefits to Textile Trade Associates.

  • Earn a side income by partnering with us while working in your regular job.
  • No pressure of meeting targets.
  • No need to communicate / negotiate with Buyers or Sellers. We will do that on your behalf.
  • Easy and fast transfer of your remuneration in your bank account.